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インカのめざめは、以前に近くのKichen 胡で食べて以来だなぁ。




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年賀状の不思議  Happy new year?????

ive been writing ねんがじょうsai.wingpensai.wingpen

i had to write them to my sweet students at first, so at the whole, i gotta write quite a lot.

One thing which I realized about ねんがじょう is...

In Japan, i dont know why but it's common to write "A Happy New Year".

BUT!!! It never happens in the English speaking countries...

in English,
we write "Happy New Year"
Its same as we dont put "a" before Merry Christmas.

In case that we tell in a sentense, we say like,"We wish a happy new year." though.

I used the wrong expression for about 25years! teet!
I didnt realize it until i bought greeting cards in Canada.

BTW, one of my students told me that they sang "we wish a christmas"at school,
and when they sang "wish"part, they did Daigo hand pose. lol.
that sounded new for me.ぷーさん笑

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Christmas and X'mas

Christmas tree in kobe

I didnt know the difference between two of them. Christmas and X'mas.

I was just thinking that X'mas is used as a shorten form of Christmas... BUT it means a lot more than I thought!!

The spelling of "X'mas" was made up to get rid of the image of Jesus Christ.....
Originally, Christmas day is the b-day of Christ.

I know now a days, Christmas day is often celebrated just as a santa present festival or a dating day for couples especially in the UNreligious countries like Japan.

I think it's OK for non-christians to just have fun on the Christmas day, but we should still respect the concept and how the day came from.

It defeats the purpose to celebrate on the day, if we dont know the origin!

My friend taught me the difference of those two. Im gonna use "Christmas" at any time to respect the day


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multi lingual 孫悟空



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TEET. It has been a long time since i wrote the last thing.....

as a note for myself, Im gonna write down what Ive done while i was away.

1) in July, I started " CORE RHYTHMS" dvd program. lol I started the healthy diet.
so far, its working....i think.

2) in August, I experienced " TEACHING JAPANESE " as a part-time job.
I just worked as a substitute teacher for a month. but it was a good experience for me.
The experience taught me a lot of things and made me realize many new things.
Its totally different to teach japanese from to teach Engish.

3) in September, I "WENT TO CANADA" to visit my friend.
Its been more than a year since i left there.
as soon as I got the canadian customs, I felt Canada.
The officer said " oh, you should get another inspection at another room.
OMG, should I spend more time before i get out this airport??
BESIDES, air canada lost my suitcase and some other ppl,
so we had to wait for 2hrs to get them back!
After this, the custom thing happened! just bad days..... yes. shit happens....
Thats Canada, eh?
The stay itself was the blast. even though i didnt get a chance to visit downtown,
but who cares...

4) in October, I realized many things and truths about life and stuff.
I learned from it. Things are gonna work for the better.
I learned it from the biggest mistake which I made.
I wish it had never happened. but it did. and I have to accept it.
I will always keep this in my mind, when I have a chance to go to the wrong direction.
I really appriciate that I got a second chance for that.

5) what im gonna do is...
★ Study " teaching methods for young English learners " with some books.
★ Watch 海外drama!
Im into.... The Wires, Heroes, Desparate Wives,
SATC( I just finished watching all of the episodes from season1-5),
and more!
★ Watch movies!
The movies which are lining up to be watched ......
Glory, Risky business, what women want , blueberry night, Tropic thunder,
Red Cliff, Eagle Eye, ...and so on.

★ Study " teaching japanese course" Im gonna finish this course by the end of this year.
Thats what i decided.
★ Find a language exchange partner. I had a very nice one,
but he just moved into Ishikawa prefecture to go to graduated university.
... in the middle of nowhere. I hope i can have someone nice.

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